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Only your mother could think that Brexit’s all your fault.

Martha needs to get an Irish driving license before the UK leaves the EU – whenever that will be. Uptight daughter Magda is busy scheming how to out-manoeuvre Brexit, navigate the Irish border, and keep her job. Martha just wants to be able to drive herself to the shops.

A comedy about mothers and daughters, car maintenance and Boris Johnson.

60 minute stage play.

Driving Me Crazy follows the antics of a mother-daughter duo who relocate from London to Dublin to escape Brexit Britain.

It was first developed in a writing workshop with Rosemary Jenkinson, and received a staged reading at the New Theatre Dublin, starring Aneta Dina Keder and Ann Russell, and directed by Romana Testasecca. I have a lot of affection for this play because it was my first time seeing my work performed for an audience. It received a mention in this interview with dramaturg Pamela McQueen.

It was very much a play about its time. Brexit has fallen out of the news cycle, and we’re all mostly worried about Covid now. I don’t think it will see the light of day again, unless it becomes a period piece…But I love these characters and often find myself wondering what they’d be getting up to now.

You can register to read the playtext here.

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