Writing plays, whether you like it or not.

The second coming is happening. Jesus is back, and wants to get the good news out to as many people as possible – before he starts judging them and casting them into hell. There’s only one way to minister to the spiritual needs of people in this smart-phone obsessed age: he’s going to need the help of a social media strategy agency. But how do you give advice to someone who thinks he’s omniscient? A comedy about the struggle of the most famous person in human history to get more twelve Twitter followers, and about clients who just won’t listen.

20 minute stage play.

Follower Count was performed to a full house at Smock Alley Theatre on two nights in February 2020. It got rave reviews, mostly from friends I’d invited to see it, and from my mum. Reviewers said it

“casts a light on the hollow narcissism of the social media age”.

A really high budget promo video for the piece remains on the interwebs.

I thought about expanding it into a full play, then I lost interest in the idea. I might bring it back as a webseries one day. I was very good in it.

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