Writing plays, whether you like it or not.

Delighted to announce my play Half of Nothing has been awarded the Amy Dalton bursary by the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.

Yaretsi is at that awkward age: their testicles have descended, but their periods still haven’t started. Sex ed class isn’t helping them feel any less worried. Yaretsi begins to suspect they might be a man. But that’s impossible – no one is a man, or a woman; gender is a spectrum. Anyone who claims otherwise threatens the stability of this genderless utopia. Failed by their parents, teachers and the courts, Yaretsi takes drastic action to live in the body he wants.

Half of Nothing is an odd little piece of speculative fiction about a future society where everyone is intersex. The play explores gender and gender transition from the perspective of a person who wishes to be cis or ‘monogendered’.

The judges noted it was quite bizarre, well structured, and had a lot to say. I did struggle to imagine what I could contribute on this subject, so I am beyond thrilled that it has resonated with other readers.

The play will be published in Coming of Age: The Director’s Cut in June. It will be available via the IDGTF webshop and at the Dublin Pride Hub on 19 Duke Street, Dublin 2. This will be my first published play.

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